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19 Nov - Tandem, Solo, & Bent Decals Back in Stock - For those who may need to stock up on some stocking stuffers or are stumped on what to put into the gift exchange at your local tandem club's Christmas party, you'll be glad to know that we've just replenished our supply of tandem, solo, and recumbent transfers. As always, $2.50 each / mininum order of two. More info HERE.

01 Nov - Spy Photo: Santa Cruz F/S Off-Road Tandem - As often happens, one of our correspondents who shall remain nameless passed along a "caught on camera" photo of an unusual or rare tandem. In this instance it happened to be an in-house one-off full suspension off-road tandem by Santa Cruz that was noticed sitting at a shopping center in Whistler, British Columbia back in September. Via some other contacts, it is believed this is one of perhaps two tandems built by Santa Cruz as personal bikes by some employees and, as of yet, there are no plans for offering the bikes, either as custom jobs or a limited production model. It is noted that the F/S off-road tandem we consider the benchmark -- Ventana's El Conquistador de Montanas -- is now being heat-treated and powdercoated in-house at Ventana, giving Sherwood Gibson and his team even more direct control over total product quality and lead time, noting that they now offer 13 different bicycle frames: a very busy place that continues to undergo facilities expansion.

19 Oct - Link Updates:


10 Sep - The TandemGeek's unofficial heirarchy of tandem teams:

Elite Teams: Teams who transcend all others in terms of fitness and endurance, most likely genetically gifted and making the most of it with a few other teams that have simply trained hard and long enough -- usually chasing racer boys or riding brevets instead of riding mostly alone or with other tandem teams.

A Teams: Often seen in the company of Elite teams, A Teams are the ones who are always at the front or off the front. Although some are genetically gifted or amortizing racing legs that haven't turned a crank in anger for several years, most of these riders have the discipline and have set aside time for fitness training and regular training rides. Elites will usually hang with the A Teams which can blur the lines between an Elite Team and an A Team.

B Teams: Former A Teams (Elites rarely fall below A Team levels), new teams on their way to A Team status, and all other forms of fast recreational "weekend warriors" who ride their tandems almost every weekend, but who haven't incorporated a more rigorous training program into their weekly schedules. Some B Teams will have one team member who is easily an Elite or A Team rider on a single bike where the other is a C Team or "civilian" cyclist that causes them to temper their performance. A Teams and even Elites will often times "play nice" and hang back with the B Teams at tandem rallies and events, but it's usually short lived. Invariably, at some point the Elites and A Team will get on the front and start pushing a tempo that is just too brutal for the B Team to sustain where upon the B Team riders will usually allow (or downright encourage) the A Team and Elites to just "go on ahead".

C Teams: Pretty much all of the other teams who are more advanced that "civilian cyclists", but who have no desire to run with the "faster" teams. This includes a wide variety of tandems teams, including those who "could" ride with the A or B Teams but who would rather enjoy their time on the tandem at a more relaxed pace, perhaps even taking time out to smell the roses or to enjoy a cup of coffee at an impromptu or regular ride stop. Yes, you could easily further divide C Teams into C+ and C- or any one of a variety of other classifications; however, I'm fairly confident that the C Team is best looked at as "the big tent" where more than 12 of the tandem teams can find a nice fit without resorting to caveats for recumbents, multiseat triplets, quads, quints, semi-recumbents, trikes, tandems with trail-a-bikes, parent-child teams, seasoned teams, and the like. It's noteworthy that B Teams will often times ride with the C Teams at tandem rallies and events for a variety of reasons; visiting with friends, a desire to be more social, taking time to see the sights, or just trying to recover from the previous day's time spent chasing down the A Team. A Teams and Elites will occasionally announce that they intend to "play nice" and ride with the B/C Teams but, more times than not, succumb to the need for speed as they push the tempo beyond the "this ain't fun" threshold of the B/C Teams. When observed, the latter usually results in someone from the B Team "putting a letter in the file" of the offending A Team(s).

Civilian Cyclists (aka, Civilians): These are folks who ride tandems and bikes on an infrequent basis who feel more at home on bike paths and quiet country roads than they do on more busy throughfares. Absent from most riders are clipless pedals, cycling jerseys & shorts, or other cycling specific equipment that one normally sees on people who characterize themselves as cyclists. Most non-cyclists who become cycling enthusiasts transition though the Civilian Cyclist ranks. I won't further describe Civilians because they are, as you'd expect, fairly easy to pick-out in the crowd not that there's anything wrong with that. After all, you've got to start somewhere and there's nothing to say that today's Civilian tandem team won't be kickin' butt with the A Team in 12 months once they "catch the cycling bug".

------------ Sep 24 Updates -------------
10 Sep - Midwest Tandem Rally Photos & Post Rally Report - Randall & Barb Angell of Bothell, Washington, wrote to let us know that they have posted their photos from this year's Midwest Tandem Rally at Cedar Rapids, Iowa to the Web; they can be found HERE. They also provided this nice rally summary: Over the Labor Day holiday, we joined over 400 tandem teams at the Midwest Tandem Rally 2006 in Cedar Rapids, IA. The local tandem club, the PIGS (Paired Iowans Going Somewhere), hosted the squealing event. We had a sunny day in the upper 70's on Saturday to enjoy the rolling hills and cornfields. With rain showers on Sunday morning, we really felt at home! Sunday evening at the banquet, the PIGS were dancing until the COWS (Couples On Wheels) came home....

08 Sep - Burley Will No Longer Produce Tandems - For some time it was rumored that Burley Design Co-Op was in serious financial difficulty and, in our Bulletin Board item of 5 August we advised that Burley had re-organized itself as Burley Design LLC as was no longer a co-operative. On September 8th it was announced that Burley Design LLC was sold to a private investor and, as part of his acquisition strategy, he would downsize the workforce and refocus its efforts on trailer production. Thus, all bicycle and tandem production ceased on 8 Sept. You can read the various articles that have been published on the change in ownership at the following links:

------------ Aug 19 Updates -------------

19 Aug - Black Bear Bicycle Bash September 8 - 9 @ Townsend, TN - Matt Alexander of the Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend, TN, wrote to let us know that his hotel will be holding the second Black Bear Bicycle Bash on September 8 & 9. 1st Black Bear Bicycle Bash was held on March 25th drew a larger than expected crowd including a wide range of riders from beginners and families to avid racers. Given the turnout for the first event they decided to move up our date for the 2nd event to September. Matt has teamed up with Tim and Sharon Patterson, directors of the Tennessee Tandem Rally, to create another exciting cycling weekend experience that offers some of the same great riding that draw rave reviews from tandem teams who attend the annual TTR event each June. For complete information, see the PRESS RELEASE Or visit their Website.

19 Aug - NE Ohio - Covered Bridges Tandem Weekend - Doug Crush will once again host the Covered Bridges Tandem Weekend in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The dates are September 30 and October 1 and the rides will be centered out of Austinburg, Ohio at exit 223 on Interstate 90. This is the most northeastern county in Ohio. The area is primarily rural, very scenic and features 16 covered bridges and a number of small wineries. Terrain is flat to rolling with no long, severe climbs. You can find more detailed information HERE.

------------ Aug 06 Updates -------------

05 Aug - Burley's Financial Woes Back In The News; No Longer A Co-Op - Some of you may recall that in April of 2005, the Register-Guard in Eugene, OR, ran an article that outlined the scope of Burley's financial troubles, much of it self-inflicted by what former coop members characterize as mis-management. A copy of that article was posted to the CyclingForums list that can be found HERE. In Saturday's Register-Guard a new story ran that started off with this sobering statement, "In a final attempt to save its Eugene bicycle manufacturing business, Burley Design recently ended its 28-year run as a worker-owned cooperative and joined the rank and file of corporate America." You can read the full text of the article HERE.

05 Aug - Branford Bike's Montana Facility Destroyed By Wildfire; Owners Call It Quits - From Branford's Website comes this very sad news: "A Massive Wild Fire...engulfed our community in Emigrant, Montana on Sunday, July 30th. Our shop was completely destroyed. We tried to save our inventory by placing it in an on site bomb shelter. The intense inferno melted glass and aluminum and turned concrete to powder. Our retail store, warehouse, our home and the homes of several neighbors were little more than piles of white ash and twisted metal on a black and barren landscape. Fortunately no lives were lost. On Monday morning we visited our home with an official escort and saw how severe the fire was. We came back on Wednesday and opened the smoldering bomb shelter. A small fire was still burning inside. All that was left of our inventory was hot pile of white ash and scorched metal.We decided not to try and rebuild; Branford Bike is closed forever. We will leave the web site up for a few months but cannot accept orders. All orders placed but not filled will be cancelled. You may still return items to us and we will credit your card. Our phones no longer work so please contact us by e-mail with questions or comments. Thank-you for your support for the past 30 years. Your support allowed our business to grow and move to the beautiful state of Montana. We love living here and will eventually build a new home in the mountains.Tim and the crew at Branford Bike"

02 Aug - Mt Airy Bicycles (Maryland) To Host 16th Annual TanDemo/BentEvent on Sunday, August 27 - Bob Friedman on behalf of Larry & Linda Black wrote to let us know that Mt Airy / College Park Bicycles will be holding their 16th Annual TandDem/Bent Event on August 27 at their Mt Airy shop. Bob's note included the following information: Join PPTC's WABITS on a variety of rides from the family-friendly 8 to the more challenging 38 miles. Rides start at 10:00AM, After the ride enjoy a bicycle show of tandems, recumbents and singles, plus other interesting 2-wheeled modes of transportation. New-to, or wannabe tandem, trike, or recumbent people get first-hand tips from the seasoned couples. After the rides find out more about the club over a healthy lunch, courtesy of Larry and Linda Black, tandemming since the days of the 10 speed in the 70' s. You can skip breakfast, come out and ride - we'll have the juice, java, bagels and fresh pastries ready Got old gear? Swap with fellow clubfolk - no fees, no registering. Maybe even score a great tandem. There will be a bunch of tandems, recumbents, trikes, and other toys to try out in the afternoon. More information can be found at their Website:

12 Jul - Shimano Recalls Quick Release Skewers - Shimano, in coordination with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has voluntarily recalled approximately 8,500 front wheel quick release skewers produced after November 1, 2005. The recall affects 105, Ultegra, DuraAce, XT, XTR and other product lines. For complete details see Shimano's Recall Notice or the one posted on the CPSC's Web Site. Please note that bike shops or dealers who sold bikes or hubs with the recalled skewers will not necessarily be contacting customers; therefore, do yourself a favor and check your skewers to see if you're affected by this recall.

Tandem Folks in the News:

28 Jun - Bob Husky Passes - From friends of he and wife Ruth we learned that Bob Husky passed away the evening of June 27th after a series of long and wearisome health issues. We first met Bob and Ruth at our first Alabama Tandem Weekend in Fairhope, AL, in 1998 and had the pleasure of visiting with them once a year at subsequent ATWs and the Southern Tandem Rallies. We will miss Bob and send our heartfelt condolences to dear Ruth.

------------ June 25 Updates -------------

22 Jun - Vredestein USA Launches "Life at 145 psi" Campaign - It's not secret to anyone who's read my comments on tires for road tandems that our tire of choice for the past 8 years has been Vredestein's Fortezza models: 700x23 and 700x25. Admittedly, we aren't a "large" team with a combined rider and tandem weight under 325lbs which, given our very good roads here in north Georgia, allows to get away with using the "racing" tires. In an effort to ensure their retailers are proactively putting the word on on Vredestein's products (distributed in the US by Veltec Sports), mystery shoppers will be visiting US retailers and handing out 200 $50 bills to shop employees who recommend the Vredestein tire during their shop visit. You can read more about the campaign at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News by clicking HERE.

23 JUN - RECALL NOTICE: Specialized S-Works Carbon Stem - As reported by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Specialized announced a voluntary recall of about 2,700 Specialized bicycles fitted with S-Works carbon stems featuring magnesium faceplate. The faceplates on the recalled stems can crack and allow the handlebar to break off the bicycle, posing a serious fall hazard. Specialized has received five reports of the magnesium faceplate exhibiting cracks. No injuries have been reported. You can read more about the recall at Bicycle Retailer HERE, at the Specialized Website HERE or the CPSC Website HERE.

20 Jun - A Wake-Up Call: Texas City Bans Cyclists From "Dangerous" Road - Cyclists in Anna, Texas -- a suburb of Dallas -- have been prohibited from riding on Farm to Market (FM) road number 455 (FM455) by the Melissa City Council. The ordinance was enacted a couple of years ago after some cyclists were serious injured or killed on similar roadways in southern Grayson County just a few miles north of the city. Local officials are adamant that they are not anti-cycling and instead maintain that, "It's a safety measure intended to make that a safer road both for our residents, bicyclists and residents in vehicles. The mix of those is dangerous on that road." You can read at least one of the many articles that are popping up regarding this very controversial action HERE. EDITORS NOTE: Any cyclist to regularly rides on public roads for transportation or recreational purposes should be mindful of the implications of the precedent established by the Melissa City Council and what it could mean if other communities around the country embrace similar "concerns for public safety" and begin to prohibit cyclists from access to public roads.

23 JUN - TANDEM FOLKS IN THE NEWS - From around the nation and world, here are some links to local tandemists who have been mentioned in their local news outlets:

22 Jun - Ooops... June 15 Cover of Bicycle Retailer Print Edition Accidentally Overstates Cycling Fatalities - As reported in the on-line version of Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, "...the June 15 print edition of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the cover chart indicated that the number of cyclist fatalities was much higher than in actuality. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of cyclist deaths due to car accidents was 720 in 2005 and 725 in 2004; not 7,204 and 7,254 as published." BRAIN went on to apologize for the error in their follow-up which you can read in its entirety HERE.

15 Jun - WalMart Cycling "Pro-Shop"? - According to an article published by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Wal-Mart is experimenting with "pro-shops" in it's Plano, Texas, "development" superstore. As to whether or not the concept will be deemed a success and be pushed out to key markets... time will tell. You can read the entire article at BRAIN's Website by clicking HERE.

15 Jun - Strong Cycling Market Means Shortages Again In 2006 - According to an article published by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, strong sales of kid's, women's, hybrids, comfort bikes, as well as carbon fiber road bikes, leading to shortages for retailers. In 2005, high-end road bikes were in demand and similar shortages were experienced. You can read the entire BRAIN article HERE. As for tandems, we previously reported that at least two of the major tandem producers were reporting very strong sales this year. Bill McCready from Santana more recently reported a sales increase of some 80% on the Hobbes list, a figure he had previously shared with me last month. The second builder whom we heard from was Co-Motion who has also had a very good year. Watching the boards, we have picked up on some delays in Burley tandem deliveries. There are some other indications that problems discussed in a article back in April of last year may still be dogging Burley related to working capital and cash flow.

------------ June 16 Updates -------------

16 Jun - US Tandem Club Updates: Sea Change Under Way Or....??? - I recently learned that the Tandems of York Society (TOYS) was unable to secure new leadership to fill the shoes of the "old guard" and manage the club's affairs and, as a result, the club has disbanded. According to one of the long-time TOYS principles with whom we keep in contact, a number of the former TOYS members are now affiliated with the Lancaster Bicycle Club. Similarly, the Utah League of Tandem Riding Addicts (ULTRA) has also disbanded and is now part of the recently renamed Bonneville Bicycle & Tandem Club. According to Ron Fehr, BBTC president, ULTRA and what was formerly known as the Bonneville Bicycle & Touring Club merged last year, prompting the club's name change. Looking around the nation we also note that several tandem clubs are affiliated with larger bicycle clubs vs. operating and a self-sustaining, standalone organization, e.g., Baltimore, Maryland's CRABS are affiliated with the Baltimore Bike Club, Washington DC's WABITS with the Potomac Pedallers, Virginia's EGRETS with the Tidewater Bicycle Association & RATS with the Richmond Area Bicycling Association, and North Carolina's GRITS with the North Carolina Bicycle Club of Raleigh are the ones that come immediately to mind. In some cases these clubs have always been a part of the larger organization. However, for TOYS and RATS the loss of their club's Web presence and status as an active tandem club, one has to wonder if we aren't beginning to see a changing of the guard and a sea state change in how tandemists view "club affiliations" and the value of sustaining a robust, centralized tandem presence in their region.

PLEASE NOTE: We are presently trying to update our US Tandem Club locator map and lists so you'll have to pardon our "mess" as we post new information and repair links and the associated graphics on our Web site.

16 Jun - What's the Deal With Tandem @ Hobbes??? - My top 10 reasons that the Hobbes list has been unusually rancorous....

10. Global warming and bad weekend weather during the winter and spring has kept folks off their tandems for too long
09. The mid-term elections are just around the corner and all forms of public discourse are starting to reflect divisiveness
08. The world financial markets are in a vigorous state of flux and investor anxiety has anyone with money in the market on edge
07. A certain list member has a lot more free time to compose articles following the sale of one of his businesses
06. The annual spring mailing of the Santana-zine was apparently replaced with infomercials; ain't technology grand!!!
05. Certain people just have a knack for bringing out the worst in other people who are otherwise unflappable
04. SRAM's entry into the two-party road bicycle component industry has upset the cycling gods and unrest is upon us
03. Ever see the movie Grumpy Old Men? Revenge of the Nerds? Mr. Smith goes to Washington?
02. The same reason reality TV works; people will pay attention to and then talk about the most ridiculous things.
01. It's (fill in the blank with your least favorite politician or political party's name) Fault!!!

16 Jun - Nevada Journalist Gets Unique Perspective On Bicycle Racing From The Back Seat of a Tandem - Sportswriter and columnist Stacy Hicklin of Nevada County, California 's"The Union" was invited to experience what it felt like to ride the same course that racers would compete on in the upcoming Nevada City Classic bicycle race. You can read about Stacy's experience stoking for Sierra Express Racing Team President Craig Lindberg by clicking HERE..

16 Jun - Tandem Cycle Works Celebrates 10th Anniversary - From the press release: "Tandem Cycle Works, located in Denver, Colorado is marking a milestone as they celebrate their tenth anniversary in business this July. The only true tandem bike shop in the United States, shop owners Patrick Gibbons and Lynn Dexter attribute success to their highly specialized focus and love of the sport of tandem cycling." You can read the press release it its entirety HERE. EDITOR'S NOTE: TCW's press release seems to make a clear distinction between their tandem speciality brick & mortar "store" in a Denver business district and several other tandem speciality "dealers" (e.g., Tandems East, Tandems Limited, Precision Tandems, MTB Tandems, Gear-to-Go Tandems, etc...) who operate their businesses from "in-home" shops. You'll find a rather comprehensive list of all the US tandem specialty dealers whom we're aware of on our tandem pages.

16 Jun - Ford's 2006 Tour de Georgia Provides $26M Infusion To Georgia Economy - As reported at Bicycle Retailer, "The impact of the Ford Tour de Georgia continues to make a positive impression as a top-rated, international sporting event and as a significant economic development success for the state of Georgia.." Read the entire article HERE.

16 Jun - DT Swiss Launches US Website - As reported at Bicycle Retailer, "DT Swiss USA has launched a new U.S. web site in an effort to better communicate with customers and consumers in the North American and Latin American markets. The website,, will go active immediately and will focus more on the U.S. market than the current Swiss-based web site." Read more HERE.

16 Jun - Tandem Affords Dad & Daughter Some Quality Time - While some are fortunate enough to have Ozzie & Harriet - like families, a vast number of household just don't get to enjoy that type of relationship. However, having a family dividend sometimes offers parents opportunities to "focus" on creating quality time with children on those special days when they come to visit. The story at THIS LINK is just one example of how a tandem bicycle can bring a parent and child closer together.

16 Jun - Hobbes Regular Planck Captain's Family Quad On Tour de Natick - Tandem@Hobbes list member and occasional poster Charles Planck, will captain the family's tandem-quad with wife Denise and daughters Lydia and Isabel for this year's Tour de Natick - Ride for Natick Scholars this Father's Day. You can read the entire article HERE.

15 Jun - Soisson Twins Team Up To Raise Funds For Charities That Helped To Save Their Lives - Patrick and Peter de Soissons - identical 40-year old twins who had identical heart transplants will mark their journey back to health by taking part in the 58-mile London to Brighton bike ride - on a tandem, with a goal of raising at least £15,000 for the charities whose work helped save their lives. You can read the entire article HERE.

14 Jun - Arizona Duo Team Up On Tandem For 32,000 Mile Journey - Alicia Florez-Bell (53) and site-impaired stoker Juanita Valenzuela (50) have teamed up with six other riders for a 15-month, around-the-world bicycle journey to raise money for charity. The 32,000-mile Continental Pedal left from Chicago, Illinois on May 28 for New England. You can read more about their journey that will take them through some 30 countries HERE. You can read more about Continental Pedal HERE

13 Jun - Co-Motion Cycles Brings On Clay Lundgren As New Product Manager- According to a press release at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Clay Lundgren recently signed on as Co-Motion Cycles product manager. Clay leaves Schwalbe North America where he was US sales manager and will be responsible for developing the Co-Motion line of tandems and single bikes. You can read the entire release and see a photo of Clay HERE.

13 Jun - What Ever Happened To Gerard Boisse? - What ever happend to Santana's affable Customer Service guy, Gerard Boisse? Someone mentioned that he may have gone to Dahon.

09 Jun - Special MS150 Tandem Bike Stolen From Houston Bike Shop- - Fran Wallis and Jeff Shoemake and their tandem, Ginger, have become something of a cause célèbre for the annual MS 150 trek from Houston to Austin. Wallis, who has MS and who was unable to ride until she teamed up with Shoemake on Ginger, noted that the theft of the bike was also the theft of "The idea of hope" that the tandem represented to Wallis. You can read the entire story HERE.

------------ June 2 Updates -------------

ERRATA : In our April 18 update we included a news item on an annual collegiate tandem race held at Indiana State University in Terre Haute and incorrectly reported it as an IU event at Bloomington, IN. The following is the corrected entry:

10 April - Tandem Greek?? The Annual ISU Tandem Races Return To Terre Haute - The annual spring tandem races will be held on April 22nd at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana. You can read more about his annual 75 lap event where five mixed double teams made up of ISU fraternity and sorority members battle it out for top honors HERE. This student-organized race was first run as part of Spring Week activities in 1970. Teams are comprised of coed mixed pairs, which compete on tandem bicycles. 

And now... The Results As Reported In the Indiana Statesman on April 24: "Called one of the most impressive races in tandem history by the announcer, the team of members from FIJI, Delta Gamma and Sigma Nu, proudly sporting their team colors of purple and yellow, jumped to an early lead directly after the first lap of the race. They retained that lead for the remaining 74 laps of the race and completed the 75 laps in one hour and 12 seconds."

02 Jun - Covered Bridges Tandem Weekend Set For September - Doug Crush will once again host the Covered Bridges Tandem Weekend in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The dates are September 30 and October 1 and the rides will be centered out of Austinburg, Ohio at exit 223 on Interstate 90. This is the most northeastern county in Ohio. The area is primarily rural, very scenic and features 16 covered bridges and a number of small wineries. Terrain is flat to rolling with no long, severe climbs. You can find more detailed information HERE.

01 Jun - Bill McCready Sells Bud's Bike Shop in Claremont, CA - On April 10th Jax Cycling Centers, Inc. purchased Bud's Bike Shop in Claremont, California, and the adjacent structures and land. Bud's was formerly owned by Bill McCready, president of Santana Cycles, and long-served as Santana's store front. Jax, while primarily a Trek brand retailer, will apparently continue to serve the tandem niche market at Bud's who, according to the story carried in Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, sold some 30 tandems last year. Editor's Note: That sounds like it had to be a pretty BIG check.

31 May - Lessons In Physics & Home-Built Tandems - Marda Johnson shares a childhood story on how he and a friend "merged" to bicycles together to create a three-wheel "tandem" and the lesson's learned from that humorous experience in THIS ARTICLE from the website.

31 May - Tandem Travel & Tour Page Updates - We've recently added two new tandem touring companies to our Tandem "Travel & Tours" pages that are definitely ones to bookmark if you would like to explore Ireland by tandem or if you are considering a winter get-away. Both of these companies are operated by world-class cyclists who have decided to put their personal touch on creating what they believe are truly exceptional get-away vacation packages for tandem enthusiasts. In fact, based on what I've learned from sharing correspondence with principles in both firms, I've had to create a new section on our Travel & Tours called, " The Ones On Our "Wish List".....

Tandem Tours Ireland
Operated by the McQuaid family -- legends in Irish cycling -- Tandem Tours Ireland is a sister company of Celtic Trails and the only tandem tour operator in Ireland. The McQuaid's have put all their experience and knowledge gained in the years of running successful cycling holidays in the west of Ireland with Celtic Trails into coming up with several very special tandem cycling holidays that appeal to both beginner and experienced tandem riders alike.
Second Summer Tours
Operated by Rob Templin who makes his home in Eugene, Oregon, where the cold and dreary Northwest winters drove him to "discover" exotic locales in South America, New Zealand and Maui, Hawaii where it is, indeed, summer in January and February. And that's the genesis of Second Summer Tours.

------------ May 28 Updates -------------

26 May - Pink Panthers Ride 109 Miles & Raise £2,000 For Leukemia - Jim Whistler (33) and Chris Hawthorn,(28) donned Pink Panther outfits before setting out to cycle 12 hours non-stop in the parking lot around the headquarters of Lloyds Pharmacy in Coventry (UK). The pair raised £2,000 for Cure Leukemia as they circled the parking lot 360 times and accumulated 109 miles in their costumes. Alas, no photo was provided.

24 May - Georgia Tandem Rally Photos Up On the Web - Roger Strauss, Co-Chair of the Georgia Tandem Rally, has unleashed the "first batch" of photos taken during this year's event which was held in Americus Georgia. You will be able find links to various photo pages at the GTR Web Site for this year within the next few days, or you can also peruse previous year's photos which are also linked off of the GTR Photo Page.

23 May - Northern New York State Tandem Rally: Something New!! - Lisa Schamback wrote to let us know that the inaugural Northern New York State Tandem Rally will be held on August 5&6 in Lewis County, Lowville, New York (Near Watertown). She further noted that, "if you have never visited Northern New York you are in for a wonderful surprise. Come bike with us through rolling hills with a spectacular view of the Black River Valley. On Saturday we will be riding a 35 mile route through Lewis County's new wind generator farm on the Tug Hill Plateau, with a delicious barbecue dinner following. Sunday we will ride a 40 mile route through some beautiful country also. SAG, cue sheets, rest/refreshment stops. Sponsored by the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Lowville, NY $10 registration fee per day. Food and lodging extra. Call Lisa Schamback, chairman, at 315-346-1716 for sign up and lodging."

23 May - US Tandem Builders Reporting Strong Demand In 2006 - It has been noted by at least two of the US-based tandem builders that production demand has been strong thus far in 2006.

19 May - Manchester Velodrome - Open Tandem Track Race Omnium: June 10th - Andrea Ingram of the Manchester Velodrome wrote to let us know that they will be hosting the Vital Open Tandem Track Ominum on June 10th. Events will include tandem omnium flying 1 lap. Sprint ladder and 2.5km pursuit for female teams, mixed gender teams and able-bodied/paralympic teams. As of May 19th, 16 team were already registered. Anyone else with an interest in racing or watching the event can contact Andrea at: Also of note is the Yasumitsu-Schlapp, Tandem 2 stage race on July 15th. The events will include a 5.2 mile uphill time trial and a 1 hour criterium. Again, for more information please Email Andrea.

------------ May 14 Updates -------------

13 May - AP Story "Pimps" Cycling Along Chicago's Lakefront - As reported last week, this article by Caryn Rousseau continues to get widespread play this week in various news outlets across the country, e.g., Riverside, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Hartford, CT this weekend alone.

11 May - New England Journalist & GF Give Tandems A Try - In article entitled, "Love on the go", Tim Jones gives his version of the tandem primer after giving tandems a go with girlfriend Marilyn. Their guide for their indoctrination was Doug McKenzie of Belmont Wheelworks. While somewhat reminiscent of many other "tandem basic" articles and books, it would be a good read for anyone who is interested in giving tandems a closer look and wants to see what another "first timer" couple experienced and learned. You can find the article HERE. It has also been published by at least one other news outlet, the Concord Monitor under the title "The Couples That Bike Together..."

11 May - Oh Yeah! Tandem Tricycles: Get 'em Started Out Right - These are just too cool.... (No commercial interest & certainly not an endorsement)

09 May - Fort Collins Motorists Get Thumbs-Up From Tandem Team - Michele Bishop of Fort Collins, Colorado, submitted this to the Fort Collins Cololrodoan "Thumps up / Thumps Down" editor: Thumbs up to the motorists who stopped to offer help when my daughter took a fall off our bike. On April 21, my daughter and I were riding tandem bikes near Miramont Park when she fell. At least three people stopped to make sure all was OK, and one very nice woman even offered to put the bikes in her SUV and give us a ride home. To all these kind people, thank you! You make Fort Collins a great place to live."

------------ May 7 Updates -------------

07 May - High-End Tandem Wheelsets & Hubs: Whose Guts Are In There? - Ever wonder who supplies the hubs used on the low spoke-count aero wheels produced by Bontrager, Rolf, & Shimano/Santana? The Shimano/Santana "Sweet 16's are built around the venerable "guts" of the Shimano HF08 (XT) tandem hubset. The HF08 hubset was purportedly co-developed by Shimano and Santana back in the 90's when the previous tandem hubs -- the HF07 -- proved to be somewhat prone to failure. So, even though the Sweet 16's hub body is highly specialized, the guts are a proven product for tandems. Bontrager uses a tandem-rated hub manufactured by DT/Swiss. DT/Swiss hubs are still sometimes referred to as "Hugi" but, make no mistake, the current crop of DT/Swiss hubs have incorporated several significant design changes since the days when Hugi hubs were more or less expected to fail in a dramatic way. Rolf's Prima Vigor Tandem wheelset has been something of a hard-target to hit with regard to their hub supplier. Early on I came to believe that they used the DT/Swiss hub internals based on several postings made to Hobbes where a bike shop in the Northwest purportedly pulled one apart to show a customer how they compared side-by-side with the DT/Swiss design and also noted that the Rolf hubs should be serviced and lubed using DT/Swiss grease. Well, I was recently corrected when I passed along the DT/Swiss & Rolf connection by "Bill G" from Northern California who ran into Rolf Dietrich during a visit to Co-Motion's facility in Eugene, Oregon, from whom he learned that While Industries has been their tandem wheel hub supplier. Having done a little back-checking with folks who should know the history, I confirmed that Rolf has always used the same "proprietary hub produced for Rolf by a US manufacturer". It was noted that not all of Rolf's non-tandem wheelsets have used the same hub supplier (i.e., White Ind) , but DT/Swiss was not mentioned as one of those other suppliers.

07 May - AP Story "Pimps" Cycling Along Chicago's Lakefront - An article by Caryn Rousseau that highlights a bike-friendly lakefront Chicago has been picked up by the Associated Press under a variety of different headlines in newspapers across the country. I happened across one version entitled "Two-Wheel Tour Offers Great View of Chicago Lakefront" int he Detroit Free Press. Tandems get an honorable mention as they are apparently available for rental from Bike Chicago. It's been a long time since I lived in the Chicago Suburbs, but cruising the lakefront does sound quite tempting as there really are a lot of things to see.

07 May - Tour de Stooges; How Cool Is That For The Name of Your Annual Fund Raiser? Stumbled across a news article from Lebanon, Illinois, where I learned of the existence of an annual ride called the "Tour de Stooges". The tandem connection was an honorable mention of Gary & Gale Olds -- 30 year cycling veterans who, although on 1/2 bikes for this event plan to ride their tandem during RAGBRAI later this summer. However, the tandem content quickly yielded way to the great theme of the event which was even carried into the various ride options: the 13-mile Joe Besser "Not So Haaard" route, the 19-mile Curly Shuffle, the 30-mile Larry "Just Fine" circuit, the 42-mile Shemp Shortcut and, of course, the 63-mile Moe Metric. Proceeds from the event benefit he Gateway Council of Hostelling International.

05 May - Cycling Pros Who Happen To Ride Tandems: Sean Yates - Yes, Lance has ridden tandems with his ex, his doctor, and with young cancer patients, as has the Big-Mig, Miguel Induran, and even Jan Ulrich has been caught on camera riding a tandem. However, while running down leads on tandem-related articles I stumbled across Sean Yates' personal Website and much to my surprise I spied a photo of a Lotus-like time trial tandem leaned up against the back of a Discovery Cycling Team car. Turns out that Sean and his brother campaigned the custom TT tandem during the Sydenham Wheelers 'Open 25' on April 23. You can read more about the TT Tandem and Sean's plans for tandem time trials in the future at his April 30th diary entry which you can find HERE.

07 May - Nearing Retirement & Need Some Inspiration To Rekindle Your Passion For Cycling? - While 62 and 50 years of age only add up to a tandem-team age of 112 (yes, there are people who actually compare their "tandem ages"), the exploits and riding habits of Paul and Darlene Upson, of Latrobe, Pennsylvania are impressive even for couples many years their junior. While this article focuses on their individual exploits it is noteworthy has Paul & Darlene do own a tandem that they use for "leisurely rides".

05 May - Brad & Sue Wyman: 15 Minutes of Fame... Well, Sort Of - Great photo, but this has to be one of the shortest articles ever written about a couple who I suspect have enough stories and anecdotes to fill a small book. Anyway, check out the Wyman family who -- for what ever reason -- have garnered a mention in the Herald Standard of Uniontown, PA.

03 May - 7th Annual Volvo Best Buddies Fund Raising Event Set For May 20th - This year's Volvo Best Buddies event has been sold out and will take place on May 20th. The event will begin at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston and end with a private concert and lobster clambake at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, MA, with teams riding 90 and 20-mile courses on tandem bikes. You can learn more about Best Buddies at their Web site, or more about his event by clicking HERE or HERE.

------------ April 18 Updates -------------

18 April - Allez Y'all -- The Tour de Georgia Is On!! - The 4th Annual Tour de Georgia -- this year sponsored by Ford -- is now underway. You can find live updates at's Website using this URL. Complete race information and downloadable route maps, etc. are all available at the official Tour de Georgia Web site:

17 April - Lance Armstrong Will Pace Indy 500 (no, not on his bike) - In case anyone missed this little ditty.... Lance Armstrong has accepted the Indianapolis 500's invitation to drive the official Corvette Z06 pace car at this year's running of the Memorial Day Indy Champ Car classic. The story has been picked up all over the place since his acceptance of the invitation was announced back on April 5th. USA Today's version is HERE.

17 April - Carbon Predicted To Remain A Scarce Commodity Until 2010 - Bicycle Retailer & Industry News has an interesting story on-line regarding the on-going struggle that sporting goods manufacturers who use carbon in their products face when competing for the same raw materials that Aerospace companies need to build aircraft. As noted in one of the last paragraphs in the article, "...a single Airbus A380 superjumbo jet will use some 70,000 metric tons of carbon fiber, while the entire sporting goods industry consumes about 200,000 tons a year, Koh said. "We're talking about three Airbuses," he said. "And they have 150 on order." A very interesting read for anyone interested in bicycle manufacturing technology and methods. Click HERE to read the entire story.

16 April - Nice Back On Line - Imagine my surprise when I decided to surf on over to Greg Shepherd's web site a few nights ago only to find a notice telling me that the domain was not renewed on April 10th and available instead of the usual Web content!! A quick Email to Greg confirmed my suspicion... He forgot to renew it. Thankfully, nobody snagged the domain name and with its excellent classified ad section and archives is once again just a click away.

12 April - The Georgia SHARE THE ROAD specialty license plate: 798 Pre-Sales as of April 12th - Once the state receives 1,000 pre-paid applications, the Georgia STR license plate will be real. You can find more information regarding the Georgia STR license plate, downloadable registration forms, and other useful information at the Georgia Bikes Website by clicking HERE.

10 April - Tandem Greek?? The Annual ISU Tandem Races Return To Terre Haute - The annual spring tandem races will be held on April 22nd at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana. You can read more about his annual 75 lap event where five mixed double teams made up of ISU fraternity and sorority members battle it out for top honors HERE. This student-organized race was first run as part of Spring Week activities in 1970. Teams are comprised of coed mixed pairs, which compete on tandem bicycles.  (Corrected Copy)

10 April - Buddy Bike Back In The News - Buddy Bike owner Barry Nelson is back in the news. Barry purchased the patent for what was previously called the "Love Bike" back in 2003 and won business accolades for his high-minded business plan for producing and marketing the innovative tandem ideally suited for special needs riders looking to enjoy cycling. Higher than expected production and insurance costs have limited sales of his initial production run and a new, lower-priced model is set to be offered. You can read more about Barry's vision for the Buddy Bike HERE.

------------ April 9 Updates -------------

09 April - Tour de Georgia: April 18 - 23 - The 4th Annual Tour de Georgia gets underway April 18th. From the official Web site, "The Ford Tour de Georgia® is North America's premier, professional cycling event and rolling festival. The 4th annual edition, April 18-23, 2006, is now the highest ranked cycling stage race, 2. HC, in North America, sanctioned by the Union Cycliste Internationale and USA Cycling. Proceeds from the event benefit the Georgia Cancer Coalition, a statewide network of people and organizations working together to fight cancer." Come out and show your support to ensure that this great event will continue to return to Georgia far into the future (even without Lance).

09 April - Take A Lesson From The Pro's: Don't Assume Your Bike's OK After A Crash - For those who watched in shocked disbelief as Discovery Team rider and leader George Hincapie's handlebars came off in his hands, let his misfortune be a reminder to check your tandem over at the beginning of each season and after any type of incident where your tandem takes a hard knock. For those who didn't see this year's 2006 Paris-Roubaix, Disco rider George Hincapie had two crashes during the April 9 Spring Classic: The first was thought to be minor until a few hours later when what many suspect was a fork steerer that was damaged in the first crash "snapped" at the handlebar clamp whilst George was in the lead group and on the famed Paris-Roubaix cobbles. As George's handlebars came off in his hands, his fate was sealed: the bike and George were going down... hard. You can read a full account of the race and see photos of George's misfortune at VeloNews by clicking HERE. The Lesson here is simple: If you crash or otherwise find that your tandem has been subjected to a hard impact, make sure any critical component that "could" have been damaged -- fork, wheels, brake system components, handlebars, or seatposts -- are verified to be free from damage.

09 April - New Tandem Club Formed in Vermont: VT-BUDS - Steve & Jeanne Barner of Bolton, VT -- with support from TCA members Ken Resi & Dorthy Wilson, have set up a new Web site & discussion forum called Vermont Bicycling Unorganized Duos, VT-BUDS, to help other long-bike pairs plan group rides. You can read more about VT-BUDs background HERE and you can access VT-BUDs by clicking HERE.

06 April - VyaTek Sports Suing Cannondale Over Patent Infringement - VyaTek Sports -- whose name some of you may recognize as Santana's technology partner for the IsoGrid, ExoGrid & Bi-Fusion technologies used in the production of the Santana Beyond & Dual Moto tandems -- has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Cannondale related to the fabrication of the Six 13 road bikes. This looks to be an interesting case that warrants watching. You can read the background details regarding the case at the Bicycle Retailer & Industry News web site by clicking HERE.

04 April - Cycles Gaansari Bicycles Closing Doors - Gary and Jean Boulanger have announced that on April 29th, the doors will close on Cycles Gaansari, their four-year old boutique brand of bicycles as well as their retail store in Springsboro, Ohio. Tandem teams who attended the 2003 Midwest Tandem Rally in Dayton, Ohio, who passed through the vendor area may have recalled seeing a display of Cycles Gaansari bicycles that paid homage to the Wright Brother's early bicycles by reviving their brand names: the St. Clair & Van Cleve. Some of Gaansari's frames were fabricated by Co-Motion Cycles of Eugene, Oregon. You can read the entire story at the Bicycle Retailer & Industry News web site by clicking HERE or you can read Gary's Blog to learn even more about what happened and what lies ahead for the Boulanger family by clicking HERE.

------------- March 18 Updates -------------

18 March - Watercress Wildlife Association in St. Albans, Hertfordshire,UK Looking For Volunteer Tandem Captains - The Watercress Wildlife Association (WWA), which manages a nature reserve near Riverside Road, has acquired two tandems bikes using £2,800 National Lottery grant and is looking for volunteer tandem captains to take visually impaired WWA members cycling. More information and contact information can be found HERE.

18 March - USABA / National Disability Sports Alliance To Host 2006 Bike Racing Camp - The U.S. Association of Blind Athletes, Disabled Sports USA and The National Disability Sports Alliance will host the 2006 "Developmental Rider Cycling Camp" on June 22-28 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Cyclists who are blind and visually impaired and race on tandem bikes with a sighted partner, along with cyclists with cerebral palsy or head injuries who use standard bikes or tricycles, and amputee cyclists who ride single bikes - ages 16 and older - can apply for the camp. Cyclists will learn bike-handling skills, safe riding techniques, road racing strategies and instruction on how to ride and race at a velodrome. Staff members include certified cycling coaches, a U.S. Cycling Federation-certified mechanic and guest speakers. To learn more or to request an application, contact Pam Fernandes at or call 1-781-449-9563.

18 March - Celtic Trails 2006 Tour Schedule Released - If you're looking for something different on your next cycling vacation to Europe, consider Ireland... You can find Celtic Trails' 2006 schedule HERE. And, if you're out surfing the web today, you might want to spend some time checking out their photo gallery; simply amazing scenery and locales....

18 March - 13th Annual Fall Allegany Ride for Tandems (FART XIII), Oct 6 - 9: Brian & Karen Managan wrote to let us know that the 13th Annual off-road tandem event fondly referred to as F.A.R.T. (Great Name, eh?) will be held on October 6th thru 9th at Allegany State Park, Salamanca NY. Their Web site has been updated and also features photos from previous years and this year's dates were selected to fall on holidays for both the US (Columbus Day) and Canada (Thanksgiving). As always, you can find this event and links to the Web site at our "Events" page.

18 March - New Link: Bicycledoctor, Manchester, England - Just added to our Tandems / Tandem Dealer Link Section

18 March - The Canadian Tandem Rally Is ON! May 26 - 29 at Picton, Ontario: Those crazy canucks have gone and decided that what the world really needs is a Canadian Tandem Rally. The craziest canuck we know - Dave Seto - wrote to let us know that the good folks at the Bloomfield Bike Company and MBS Tandems are co-sponsoring what they are calling "The First Canadian Tandem Rally". Is it really the first? Who knows. But, it promises to be a great event so if you're so inclined, give it a look-see and consider going North of the Border for a good time in Picton, Ontario. More information and registration details are available at their Website. As always, you can find the dates and links to the Web site for this event and many others at our "Events" page.

18 March - South Africa Has A New Tandem Club: Tandem Cycling SA - Michael de Kock wrote to let us know that he has just launched a new Web site for Tandem Cycling SA. The URL is and the purpose of the site is to increase awareness regarding tandem cycling in South Africa by explaining the sport, breaking down any fears, spreading the joys of going double up and to highlight the other side of tandem cycling which not many are aware of.

17 March - In The News: Gloria Reid & Son Murray of Whangarei, New Zealand

16 March - In The News: Bob & Carole Adams of Lisburn, UK Tie The Knot (One-Time Shot At This Web site Article)

16 March - Age Is A State of Mind & Body: Live Longer - Ride Together - Anyone who frequents the tandem discussion boards on the internet or who has been a subscriber of any current or former tandem cycling publication has probably encountered the writings of Rudy V., a septuagenarian who, along with wife Kay, has been riding tandems for about as long as anyone else whom we know. Lest you think they are a fluke, let us inspire anyone who thinks they may be getting a bit too long in the tooth to take up tandem cycling by pointing you to an article where Japie & Nora Kruger -- also in the 70+ club -- of Helderberg, South Africa lay claim to their 10th annual Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour. You can read the entire article HERE.

15 March - North Ogden, Utah Couple Patrol Antelope Island On Tandem - In a short story regarding preservation of Utah's Antelope Island it is revealed that at least one couple from North Ogden -- Vera & Mel Wright -- have combined their love of nature and tandeming by volunteering as members of the Antelope Island trail patrol. You can read the entire article HERE.

12 March - Bike Freak Parade In Palm Beach, FLA - Words escape me, but creativity abounds. You've heard of "art cars" well, these are two-wheeled, pedal operated versions. Read the article, see photos, and video HERE.

06 March - Tandems Go Prime Time On THE SIMPSONS - A recent episode of the popular animated show "The Simpsons" revealed that at least someone behind the scenes has an appreciation for tandem cycling as it was revealed, "Owning a tandem has long been one of Marge's life goals. The others include to download something, never change her hairdo, and visit the Holy Land and return safely." Although Homer rebuffs Marge's requests to ride on her tandem, son Bart feels sorry for his mother and he sets out with her for a ride in the countryside on the tandem singing Sweet Home Alabama., clearly revealing a Tandems Limited connection and creating subliminal advertising boon for Jack & Susan Goertz. Read more HERE.

03 March - Confessions From A Wheelsucker - Angus Hemp, a veteran of 26 Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tours, tells reporter what we who ride the two-fers have always known about our single-rider siblings, "There's only one thing better than slipping a tandem: slipping two tandems." You can read the entire story HERE.

------------- March 4 Updates -------------

04 March - American Century Investments & Armstrong Create LiveStrong Funds - So, have you contributed to Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong Foundation? If so, you probably just received a folded-up poster in the mail with Lance Armstrong's face on the front advertising the creation of American Century's LiveStrong Fund? Before jumping in with both feet you might want to read this article from the Seattle Times to remind yourself what a Mutual Fund is and what it is not. Investments are investments and come with risk; please read the prospectus for the LiveStrong Fund before investing. If you like what you see and believe the fund will out perform your other investment opportunities, then this might be a good choice for you.

04 March - Broward County Florida Gets Jump Start On National Bike Month in May - While the rest of the country usually waits until May to do something in recognition of National Bike Month (You mean you didn't know May was National Bike Month?), Broward County Florida kicked off it's 9 day long "Bicycle Week" with some 35 different events, including today's Tandem activities. Read more about it HERE. What is your community, local bicycle club, or tandem club doing to recognize National Bike Month?

27 February - Floyd Landis Wins Amgen Tour of California - It's over and the winner is... Phonak's Floyd Landis. Gerolsteiner's Levi Leipheimer scored the Prologue stage win & the King of the Mountain's jersey. Discovery Channel's George Hincapie also scored a stage win. Full race coverage at VeloNews.

16 February - King Cycle Group Donates over $10k To Breast Cancer Reserach - From - King Cycle Group (aka, Chris King) announced the contribution of $10,316.56 to the Oregon and Southwest Washington Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in conclusion of the company's second annual Pretty & Strong sales promotion. The promotion, which ran from September 1, 2005 to December 23, 2005, featured limited production runs of pink anodized bicycle components including the company's celebrated sealed bearing headset." Read the entire story at or a more brief version at Bicycle Retailer. Tandem Content: Chris King makes some of the best tandem-rated headsets & hubs that you'll find on the market.

16 February - USABA and Velo Club LaGrande Form Partnership To Benefit Blind & Visually Impaired Athletes - "Following the success of a tandem-cycling development program held this past July at the ADT Event Center velodrome in Southern California, the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) and the Los Angeles-based cycling group Velo Club La Grange have formed a partnership that will allow blind and visually impaired athletes the opportunity to participate in the sport of tandem-cycling­where the 'pilot' is the cyclist who steers at the front and the 'stoker' is at the rear." Read the entire Press Release Here.

11 February - Bilenky Cycles Profiled By DirtRag Magazine - For those who may or may not be familiar with Stephen Bilenky & Bilenky Cycles, DirtRag Magazine had done an excellent profile on the Philadelphia, PA, firm on February 9; you can read it Here.

11 February - Jury Finds For the Defendant: Quick Release's Not Inherently Dangerous - Regardless of how you feel about Walmart and department store bicycles, all bicycle manufacturers can now exhale. On February 10 the jury in the class action lawsuit brought against Walmart and it's bicycle supplier Dynacraft and Dynacraft's claims adjuster Carl Warren & Co found no fault on the part of any of the defendants, and therefore offered no compensation to any of the nine plaintiffs. The decision was significant to the bicycle industry as a whole because it confirms that a correctly adjusted and installed quick-release is not inherently dangerous. Read the complete story at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

11 February - Burley Donates Trailers To New Orleans Relief Effort - Burley Design Cooperative has now donated a total of 8 bicycle trailers to aid Common Ground Relief & Bikes Without Borders in their New Orleans rebuilding efforts. Read the complete story at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

11 February - More Consolidation in Bicycle Industry: Easton Sports Joins With Riddell Bell Holdings - The parent company of Bell, Giro, and Riddell -- Riddell Bell Holdings -- and Easton Sports have agreed to a merger. The new company will be called Easton Bell Sports. Read the complete story at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

11 February - Ford Motor Company Picks Up Tour de Georgia Sponsorship - The Ford Motor Company will pick up where Daimler Chrysler left off by providing sponsorship and vehicles to the 2006 edition of the Tour de Georgia. Read the complete story at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

11 February - Litespeed's Founders Back In The Ti Bicycle Biz DBA Lynskey Performance Products - The Lynskey family who created the Litespeed brand in 1986 and later sold the business in 1999 has decided to get back into the high-end Ti bike business again. They will once again call Chattanooga, TN, home but will produce their frames and components under their family name of Lynskey. Read the complete story at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News.

10 February - TandemsEast Tandem Expo March 5th  - TandemsEast's annual spring Tandem Expo will be held on Sunday, March 5th. For more details visit their Website:

10 February - Tandem Cycle Works Offers Ireland Tandem Tour - Lynn Dexter wrote to let us know that Tandem Cycle Works of Colorado has arranged a tour of Western Ireland with Tandem Cycle Works and Iron Donkey Bicycle Tours on August 5-19, 2006. They only have spots remaining for 2 tandem teams. For details on the tour, additional details can be found at their website at or by calling Lynn or Patrick a Tandem Cycle Works, 303-715-9690.

09 February - Local Elks Lodge To Obtain Tandem For Handicapped Child - The Red Bank, New Jersey Elks Lodge 233 named Meghan Riegelman as its Poster Child for 2006. As part of its work with handicapped children and veterans, the Elks Lodge will be working to obtain a tandem bicycle that will be given to Meghan's family for use in her therapy. You can read the entire story HERE.

06 February - Bicycle Bash At The The Maple Leaf Lodge in Townsend, TN, March 24-26  - Tim Patterson wrote to let us know that the Maple Leaf Lodge will be hosting the first annual Black Bear Bicycle Bash on March 24-26 at Townsend, Tennessee. A 'get-away' weekend opportunity to relax at a lodge with cycling friends, enjoy some road (we think it's road) riding, take in some blue grass music while dining on BBQ and beer. More information is available at their web site:

03 February - Brit To Attempt 140mph Landspeed Record On Tandem Bicycle - There's an amazing sport that few are aware of called downhill speed skiing where athletes clad in aerosuits, aerohelmet, and special skis descend the glacier at Vars and Les Arcs, France at speeds near 150mph. Not to be left out of this fun, some mountain bikers have ridden down these same glaciers at speeds close to 100mph. A 24-year old Brit, Rob Jarman, plans to attempt a 140mph record for tandem bicycles. You can read more about it HERE.

02 February - Texas Capital Area Tandem Society in the News - The local media took time to do a very nice piece on the Texas Capital Area Tandem Society (TxCATS) which you can read here.

30 January - San Diego Politicians Ride Tandem To News Conference - San Diego was selected by Bicycling Magazine as the best "big" city for cycling. San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders and Council woman Donna Frye decided to honor the distinction by riding a tandem along Mission Bay to the news conference where the distinction was announced. Full story is HERE.

29 January - Tandem Riders Caught On Film at Wildside Event In Tasmania, Australia - While not the most flattering photo ever taken of an off-road tandem team, any press and exposure is good, right? Tandem riders Brynn Coutts and Jason Hoernel photographed carrying their Ventana over an unridable obstacle on Stage 3 / Day 2 of the Wildside event at Tasmania, Australia held on January 28 - 31. You can see the photo HERE.

23 January - Classic Tandems & Fine Dining - Want to check out the tandem used in Seabiscuit or a triplet possibly ridden by the 3 Stooges; head to Ye Olde Bicycle Café in San Diego. More information HERE.

22 January - The Ascension Island Newspaper - The Islander, Ascension  ... ride tandem around me in circles going over much higher hills than I am with apparent ease. 'I can do that' I think to myself so I turn the bike around ...

19 January - Pedal power! - Sunderland Echo, UK ... cycling, as well as one who enjoys his "bicycle made for ... change in attitudes after returning to his bike recently. ... Blind, the 63-year-old uses a tandem to take ...

19 January - Running the inspired race - The Heights (subscription), MA ... Use of a specialized raft, bike, or wheelchair allows Rick and Dick to race in tandem. ... characteristic of the film, even during a bicycle accident during ...

19 January - The 800-lb. gorilla - San Diego Union Tribune, United States... In the 1970s, she and her husband (with their 2-year-old son) traveled by tandem bike across Canada, supporting themselves by busking on street corners. ...

18 January - Student organization gathers for coffeehouse event - Sentinel Online (subscription), GA... Feb. 9. Other events are more physically involved, like a wheelchair race and a Tandem bicycle participation in the Tour de KSU. ...

12 January - Travelling in tandem - Hermanus Times, South Africa.  They stayed at Mobys Backpackers while en route on a big bike trip (by tandem) from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth along the Garden Route. ...

08 January - Skating a team sport for couple Ottawa Citizen, Canada - ... He rode that without problem for seven years, but then had to give that up, too. Now he and Ms. Torres use a tandem bicycle. "It's ...

7 January - 2006 Tennessee Tandem Rally Filling Up Fast: For anyone who is sitting on the fence with regard to which rallies to attend this year, if one of those rallies on your "potential candidate list" is the'06 Edition of the Tennessee Tandem Rally, it may interest you to know that the rally is nearly 75% full, with only 14 of the 50 team slots remaining. For those who have already registered, don't forget to make your reservations at the Alcoa Holiday Inn Express; that window opened up on January 3rd. For more information regarding the Tennessee Tandem Rally and downloadable registration forms, please visit their Website.

07 January - This Neighbor Is Into Heavy Metal New York Times, United States - ... He has already achieved some fame - including an appearance on the cover of New York Cycle Club magazine at the helm of a tandem bike, accompanied by a robot ...

05 January - Volvo unveils commuter concept vehicle Gizmag, Australia - ... shaped vehicle whereby the passenger sits directly behind the driver giving it its distinct name, which in design draws obvious comparison to the tandem bike. ...

05 January - Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper: Live 1973 IGN, CA ... In hot pursuit is the director of the video (Fred Smoot) on a tandem bike with a large man named Baron Krelve (Jefferson Hawley) who is dressed as a valkyrie. ...

03 January - The Georgia SHARE THE ROAD specialty license plate is really going to happen... once the state receives 1,000 applications of $25 each in 2006. On Tuesday, January 3, go to the local "tag office" in your county of residence. Take your identification and $25 directly to the counter staff asking to apply for the Georgia - "SHARE THE ROAD" - specialty license plate. You can find more information regarding the Georgia STR license plate HERE.

03 January - TANDEM CLUB HOPES FOR CHAIN REACTION Isle of Wight County Press, UK - ... 57, who joined in 1993 along with her husband, John, 66, a retired telephone engineer, said: "We started riding tandem because we used to go for bike rides but ...

03 January - Region embraces bike path options Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC - ... Al and Mary Lou England ride a tandem bicycle all over ... area has come a long way in bicycle-friendliness in ... keeping safety in mind when building bike paths and ...

03 January - In Our View - Improving Trails The Columbian, WA - ... Parks & Recreation, says the cost to incorporate running trails with bike paths is ... Eugene and Bend, Ore., where foot paths are often built in tandem with paved ...

02 January - Maahs returns to hometown to lead Partnership initiative Des Moines Business Record, IA ... My wife and I also enjoy bike riding. We have a tandem, but we don't get out as often as we should. I just recently purchased some golf clubs. ...

31 December -They don't need a ticket to ride Evansville Courier Press (subscription), IN ... He and his wife, Beth, were pedaling a tandem bike Saturday with their 5-year-old son ... for about seven years because of the dangers of riding a bicycle in traffic ...



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