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Dec 28 - (TTL) Tandem Owner's Survey Results- conducted an unscientific survey in December to see what the certain trends, if any, characterized tandem owners who "hang-out" in cyberspace. Based on the 283 surveys completed, the "majority" of respondents are subscribers To Tandem@Hobbes, own road tandems, aren't big-brand owners, belong to local and national tandem clubs, attend rallies and like to take organized trips that center around tandem riding. If you'd like to see the detailed results of the survey please visit the following Web page where you'll find links to the graphical summary data for each question and a compendium of the write-in comments: TANDEM SURVEY RESULTS

Dec 27 - (Bicycle Retailer) Performance Inc's Buy Out of San Diego Bike Shop Chain; Not Everyone's Pleased - In the wake of Performance Inc's purchase of Bike USA -- a local chain of 7 bike shops that has called San Diego, CA, home since 1989 -- Trek & Specialized have discontinued their business relationship with Bike USA. Cannondale remains "on-board" but Serotta has bailed as well. Read the full article at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News HERE.

Dec 26 - (Bicycle Retailer) WorthSports To Supply Aluminum Tubing To daVinci Designs - WorthSport's AppliedProducts Division recently announced it will begin to provide daVinci Designs and Cannondale with aluminum tubing for certain bicycle models. Read the full article at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News HERE or visit WorthSport's Web site.

Dec 20 - (Bicycle Retailer) Consortium Launches Effort to Create New Standard Size 1.5-Inch Steerer Tube /Headset/Headtube - Are you ready for yet another "new standard" for headset / steerer tube sizing? Read about the new "onepointfive" initiative on Bicycle Retailer & Industry News HERE.

Dec 20 - (TTL) Ever Consider Taking An Alaskan Bicycle Tour? - Jason Hooper of Alaskan Bicycle Tours passed along an invitation for tandem riders to consider Alaska as a future destinations for a tour. Read more about their tours at: Alaskan Bicycle Tours

Dec 17 - (TTL) EGRETS Flights Newsletter On The Web - The EGRET (Enthusiastic Group of Riders Exercising Tandem Style) of Virginia have their bi-monthly newsletters available on the Web. Want to compare your local tandem club's activities with those of another, very active club? Take a look here to read the articles.

Dec 14 - (T@H/TTL) Yakima Begins Shipment of New, Sidewinder Tandem Mount - Mark Ritz, Yakima's Product Line Manager, announced today they are now shipping the new Sidewinder Tandem Mount to retailers. The mount has an MSRP of $299, some $36 less than their current 9mm Tandem Mount. The Sidewinder allows off-board loading of tandems similar to the ATOC Tandem Topper which has been on the market for several years. To see artists rendering, click HERE. (and it's really there this time!!)

Dec 13 - (TTL/T@H) - T-BoNEs Move Web Site To New Domain - The Tandem Club of New England, aka. "Tandem Bikers of New England or T-BoNE now has their own domain: TheWeb site can also be reached by using If you are new to tandems and live in New England give them a look see - tandem clubs are a great way of meeting new friends who share the same interests as you.

Dec 11 - (Bicycle Retailer) Income From Cannondale's Bike Division Doubles, But The Motorsports Division Drags Profits Down By LOU MAZZANTE - Nice article by Lou Mazzante on the ups (bicycles & niche market products like tandems, high-end MTBs & recumbents) and downs (motorcycles) of Cannondale's earnings data. Is it a good "buy" at 2.11/share? Read Lou's article on BRAIN . Check out Cannondale's stock on Yahoo.

Dec 11 - (TTL) Where Can You Find Recall Notices That May Pertain To Your Tandem And/Or Bicycles? - From time to time manufacturers of bicycle products will issue a recall notice regarding a product. How you find out about it is another issue altogether. FWIW: Here are some links to sites where bicycle related recall notices are cataloged:

Dec 09 - (TTL) What They Saw At Interbike - Updates for FSA, Recumbent & Tandem Rider, etc... have been added to our Web page. Click HERE to visit the page.

Dec 07 - (TTL) IMBA Releases Mountain Bike Access Report Card: See How Your State Was Ranked - The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) conducted an internet-based survey this past summer where it asked mountain bikers to grade trail access - current and future - in their own states. The survey ran for two months and more than 1,400 votes were cast. The results were combined with input from IMBA state reps, IMBA staff, and mountain bike community leaders to establish the final grade for each state. See the full report HERE.

Dec 06 -(Tandem@Hobbes) What Happens When You Put Two World-Class Athletes On A Tandem? - Jim Riccitello, a top Triathlete, recently stoked a tandem for US Pro Rider Gord Fraser at the 115-mile El Tour de Tucson where they placed first overall. Jim's article uses the "B" word, but for mature readers it's one of the most amazing accounts of life as a stoker that you'll ever read. See the Article at

Dec 06 - (TTL) Issue #4 of "RECUMBENT & TANDEM RIDER" Magazine Coming Off the Presses - The latest issue of Charles Coyne's "RECUMBENT & TANDEM RIDER" is now hitting distribution channels. If you aren't a subscriber, look for it at your local bike shop soon or visit their website: Just added to their Web site are reviews of the Co-Motion Mocha in Off-Road trim, and the Vision R82 tandems from Issue #2. The reviews from Issue #3 will go on-line early in January.

Dec 04 - (Tandem@Hobbes) Co-Motion Cycles Announces Price Drop on Triplets and Quads - Co-Motion has recently discovered it has plenty of room in its new facility for triplet & quad production. As a result, they have reduced the pricing. Click HERE to visit their triplet & quad pricing page or HERE to go to their Home page.

Dec 04 - (TTL) Boulder Bikes Set To Release New Tandem Designs - I recently shared some correspondence with Bill Boulder and he advised they are still very much in the business of building the TSL F/S tandems. Their current crop of TSLs are all aluminum with full suspension, disc brakes and are available with the Rohloff hub as well. Current wait is about 8 weeks. They are also are in the process of adding some hardtails to the line. To learn more about Boulder Bikes, visit their Web site.

Dec 04 - (TTL) Hayes HMX-1 Mechanical Disc Brake Still Not Approved for Tandems - The Tech Reps at Hayes report that while tandem testing of its HMX-1 mechanical disc brake system are underway, they are not 100% complete. So, as of this writing, there is still not an approved version available for tandems.

Dec 01 - (Bicycle Retailer, Oct 01) Baby Boomers Influence Tandem Design, Lifestyle - In an article written byVernon Felton for Interbike he notes, "The baby boomer set is retiring and its couples with active lifestyles are finding tandems are just the ticket to sticking together and socializing with like-minded folk." Read the full article on-line at the Bicycle Retailer & industry News Web site

Dec 01 - (TTL) "DOUBLE" - A New Tandem Bicycling Publication Coming Our Way Next Year -"Double" is another entrant in the tandem enthusiast print magazine market that is due to hit distribution channels in late February of 2002. Visit their Web site if you'd like to learn more: Henry Abel, editor of Double, was kind enough to drop me a note so I thought I'd just pass the information along to the community. Henry invites those with questions to drop him a note:

Dec 01 - (Bicycle Retailer) Comfort/Lifestyle Bikes Your Customers ' Lifestyle Is The Key To Your Future What Are You Planning To Sell Next? Or Do You Care? In an interesting article by Pete Van Nuys he quotes Jay Townley, an industry consultant, former Schwinn executive and the former president of Giant Bicycle as saying "Ten years from now successful dealers will still sell mountain bikes as a category, but they 'll also sell recumbents, lifestyle bikes -- which are to some extent the counterpart to European trekking bikeselectric bikes -- folding bikes and tandems." Read the full article on-line at the Bicycle Retailer & industry News Web site

Dec 01 - (Bicycle Retailer, May 15, 01) Hayes Offers Disc Brakes For Ergo/STI - At last fall's trade shows, a few clever product managers spec'd Hayes' new road brake lever-compatible disc brakes on high-zoot concept cyclocross bikes. While the brakes may have attracted attention, they actually have far more value to tandem riders. Read the full article on-line at the Bicycle Retailer & industry News Web site

Nov 22 - (TTL) New Look for's Home page - No, you're not seeing things. I have changed the layout of The Tandem Link's Home page. I'm open to feedback on how you like it compared to the previous layout; send comments to: 

Nov 21 - (Bicycle Retailer Editorial Staff) Edco-Sapim Signs KHS As U.S. Representative - For those of you who may have tandems fitted with Edco hubs, this may be of some interest... From Bicycle Retailer & Industry News: Edco-Sapim Signs KHS As U.S. Representative. Full Article HERE

Nov 16 - (Bicycle Retailer Editorial Staff) Pacific Cycle Recalls Ally Cat Tandem -Pacific Cycle is recalling 2,500 Ally Cat tandem bicycle accessories. The aluminum hitch connecting the tandem accessory to the host bicycle can fail, company officials said. Pacific Cycle received one report of the connection failing, resulting in abrasions to the rider. Full Article HERE

Nov 13 - (TTL) Susanna S. Reports On The Southern Tandem Rally - Susanna writes for the Tarheel Cyclists of Charlotte, North Carolina and also happens to stoke a tandem for John T. Susanna & John attended this year's Southern Tandem Rally at Clemson, South Carolina and Susanna has taken the time to write up a very entertaining account of their weekend.. You can read the PDF File by clicking on THIS LINK. You can also peruse the PHOTOJAM collection of pictures taken by Susanna & John at STR by clicking on THIS LINK.

Oct 31 - Santana's Annual Tandems & Tandeming Catalog & Guide Now On The Street - The always anticipated, and much debated Tandems & Tandeming Marketing Brochure for Santana's tandems & tours is now arriving in the homes of past customers and folks on its mailing list. If you'd like a copy and haven't received one, visit Santana's Web Site and fill out a request form:

Oct 09 - (Bicycle Retailer Editorial Staff) True Temper Buys Fork Maker AME - Bicycle tubing manufacturer True Temper Sports purchased AME's Alpha Q fork line from owner Kyu Lee. The deal includes manufacturing equipment, tooling, trademarks, designs and intellectual property. True Temper will move fork production from AME's factory in San Leandro, California to True Temper's composite production facility in El Cajon, California. Full Article HERE.

Oct 06 - Reports Starting To Come In From Interbike 2001 - Mark Johnson of Precision Tandems has filed a very nice review on Tandem@Hobbes of the offerings shown by Burley, Co-Motion & Santana at this year's Interbike Show in Las Vegas. I have cut and pasted his comments and added links to bike photos on a new Interbike 2001 "What We Saw" Page. Dick Powell of the Bicycle Outfitter has also posted some comments regarding the new TREK T2000 & T1000 that are also available on the same Interbike 2001 "What We Saw" Page.

Sep 29 - (LAF HomePage) Lance Armstrong Visits With Offers Words of Encouragement To Families of Victims & Relief Workers at WTC - After asking "What Can I Do", Lance Armstrong accepted an invitation from the American Red Cross to visit with families of victims and rescue workers at the World Trade Center in New York. An account of the low-profile visit on Sept. 14 & 15 written by a Nike PR rep who accompanied Lance has been passed along through the USA Cycling organization that is well worth a read-through.... Lance's visit to "Ground Zero" at WTC

Sep 29 - (TTL) Google Search Engine Added - The Tandem's Home Page is now outfitted with a Google Search Engine. It will allow you to search the entire World Wide Web (WWW) or AT&T's Web pages ( If you want to search please select the "Search" option, otherwise Google will search the WWW. & all of our other Web pages are hosted on the AT&T servers so the search engine makes quick work of finding "stuff" on our site that matches your queries.

Sep 13 - MTR '01 Pictures Now On Three Web Sites (9/13): The MTR2001 Official Web site's photo links page: Randall & Barb Angell of Rochester Hills, MI, have been kind enough to share their photo-memories of Midwest Tandem Rally 2001 with the Internet community: Sam & Virginia Waterstreet of the CATS have also posted pictures from MTR:

Sep 11 - (TTL) TTL Header Changes (9/11). If you have visited this site in the past you'll notice the header looks a bit different today. Please remember to give blood and, if possible, consider making a cash donation to the American Red Cross or one of the many other funds that are being established to help victims and those who have lost loved ones during these events.

Sep 04 - (TTL) Chris Timm's Tech Tips Pages Updated (9/4): Chris Timm -- an avid tandem enthusiast and regular contributor to Tandem@Hobbes & Double Forte -- had added a few more tech tips to his website at Some of the new topics include: Pros and cons of the Rohloff speedhub, Bill McCready's forks sleeve instructions (very important if you ride an older tandem with 1" fork), and a list of bicycle related product recalls.

Aug 30 - Issue #2 of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine On The Street (8/30): If you aren't a subscriber, look for it at your local bike shop soon or visit their website:

Aug 30 - TROC '01 Photos on the Colorado Tandem Club's Web site (8/30) Some photos from T-ROC '01 are now posted to the CTC Web site: Click on "Ride Pictures" and then look down the list for the T-ROC collection.

Aug 29 - (TTL) Off Road Tandem Enthusiasts' Weekend at Asheville, NC (8/29): This past weekend, several off-road tandem enthusiasts met near Asheville, NC, for a weekend of riding in the Bent Creek area. Read more about it at the following URL:

Aug 03 - Chris King Adds Tandem Hubs to On-Line Catalog (8/3): For several years Chris King has been building hubs for tandem teams who request them, but more recently they've added them to their on-line catalog as a standard offering in both 145mm and 160mm drop-out widths. Chris King tandem hubs are sought after by many Off-Road tandem teams for their durability, reliability and servicability, whereas many roadies love 'em because they're gram savers, and still others love 'em because they come in so many cool colors! If you're in the market for hubs -- either as an upgrade or as part of a new tandem build you might want to check them out: http:/./

Aug 02 - (TTL) Lance Armstrong, Tandem Enthusiast!? (8/2): It's true. Lance Armstrong likes riding ALL kinds of bikes, including tandems - Read More About It Here. We've added a page to that's dedicated to Lance and his association with tandems and tandemists that you may find interesting or just entertaining. It includes links to an article written by his wife and Stoker, Kristen, that describes one of their tandem outings near Austin, TX, as well as other cyclist's accounts of riding at fund raising events where Lance was captaining a tandem, either his own or on one provided by a sponsor.

Jul 31 - (TTL) Tandem Enthusiasts' Weekend at Dahlonega, GA (7/31): Several members of the Tandem Club of Georgia (aka. PEACHES) meet for a weekend of off-road and on-road tandem riding in and around the North Georgia Mountain community of Dahlonega. A complete write-up on the weekend is posted on our home page at the following URL:

Jul 31 - (TTL) Tandem Art by Travis Haley (7/31): Travis Haley is a US Army Helicopter pilot , tandem enthusiast and apparently quite a woodworking hobbyist. While on a remote assignment in Honduras, Travis took up the hobby of woodworking and the results are spectacular. Send me an Email if you'd like to take a peak.

Jul 14 - Evergreen Tandem Club 'Seattle-to-Portland' Ride Photos (7/14): The Evergreen Tandem Club (ETC) has updated its Web site with photos & stories from the 2001 edition of STP, The Seattle to Portland ride. Visit their Web site to see the photos & read the stories:

Jul 12 - (TTL) Rush-Miller Foundation Update (7/12): The Rush-Miller Foundation awards its first tandem to family in Denver and receives $5,000 donation that will enable the foundation to purchase 3-4 more tandems. Read more about Rush-Miller and these recent events here: Tandem Bicycle Broadens Blind Girl's World - July 8, 2001: Article by By Sheba R.Wheeler, Denver Post Staff Writer. Blindness Poses No Barrier To Determined Family - July 8, 2001: Article by Loretta Sword, The Pueblo Chieftain. For more information, please visit the Rush-Miller Web site: http://www.rushmillerfoundation.or

Jul 02 - ETR '01 Pictures Now On The Web (7/2): Randall & Barb Angell of Rochester Hills, MI, have been kind enough to share their photo-memories of Eastern Tandem Rally 2001 with the Internet community Please feel free to visit their photo album at:

Jun 18 (TTL) Rush-Miller Foundation (6/18): The Rush-Miller Foundation was recently formed for the purpose of assisting visually impaired children and their families acquire their first tandem bicycle. For more information, please visit their Web site:

Jun 18 - (TTL) Tandeming & The Physically Impaired (6/18): Links to the Rush-Miller Foundation & United States Association for Blind Atheletes (USABA) Web Sites have been added to TheTandemLink's permanent collection of 3rd Party Web Site Links. If you are aware of other associations with or without Web sites that advocate or sponsor the use of tandem cycling for people with physical disabilties please let me know so that I can add them to the site.

Jun 15 - Colorado Tandem Club Has New Web Site -(6/15) Please feel free to visit CTC's new Web site at:

Jun 08 - New Tandem MTB Now Available From Mrazek (6/8): Visit their Web site: If you are an avid reader of mountain biking magazines you may recall they reviewed Boh Mrazek's very cool and unique looking single speed mountain bike a few years back. Mrazek has continued to expand their line and is now offering a hard tail tandem mountain bike. For more information contact Mrazek's Jeff Burnard in Portland, OR, (541) 385-4748 or via Email at

Jun 04 - The 2001 Georgia Tandem Rally is History -- See the Photos HERE (6/04) As in previous years, the GTR organizers have created an on-line photo album of pictures from this year's Georgia Tandem Rally. The GTR Photo Album is linked off of the GTR Home Page at the following URL:

May 29 - Evergreen Tandem Club (ETC) Invites You to Visit Its Northwest Tandem Rally Photos Album (5/29) Evergreen Tandem Club has created an on-line photo album of pictures taken by its members at this year's Northwest Tandem Rally. The ETC NWTR Photo Album can be viewed at the following URL:

May 11 - Mountain Biking Tour Category Added to Tour Operator List: Dominican Republic Mountain Bike Tours was kind enough to send us a note and their Caribbean Mountain trips look pretty cool! They're an adventure sports tour operator located on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic offering independent and downhill cycling tours in the highest mountains of the Caribbean. (5//11)

May 04 (TTL) Tandem Dealer "Demo Days" & Open House Calendar Being Developed - See Preview HERE ( 5/04)Co-Motion Cycles & Tandems In The News: The Eugene Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, recently ran a very nice story on Co-Motion Cycles that is worth a look (URL below). It has also been picked up by the Associated Press and various, edited editions of the story are starting to appear across the country. For a look at the original, full length article that appeared in Eugene, OR, visit the link below. (4/18)

Apr 26 - (TTL) Inaugural Edition of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine Released (4/26): A new tandem publication is now on the street. For more information go to:

Apr 26 - (TTL) URL Cloaking Feature Turned Off (4/26): For those who may have been perplexed by the irrepressible URL that appeared in EVERY window when you surfed our site, the cloaking feature has been turned off. What you'll now see at the top of each page are our AT&T ISP's URLs. Just remember, if you'd like to bookmark this site use the

Apr 16 - (TTL) Hit Counter Retired: In an effort to improve download times and overall site reliability I have eliminated the "" hit counters from all of my Web sites. If you're at all curious, hits on this site average 225 per day and a posting to Tandem@Hobbes with a URL link will generate between 500 and 900 hits depending on what the subject matter is.

Apr 12 - Tandem Club UK Locator Page Now Available: (Go There) Turns out there are now 7 Sections of the Tandem Club UK that have Web sites. Find their locations & hot links to the sites on our new Tandem Club UK Locator Page. (4/12)

Apr 01 - (TTL) TANDEM@HOBBES Information Page Updated: (Go There) New Tandem@Hobbes Rogue's Gallery Added. If you're a T@H subscriber who'd like to be added send your photo to the Webmaster. Index added to make finding information regarding T@H faster and easier. Pamela Blalock's "How Many Hobbsians Does it Take to Replace a Lightbulb" added. (4/1)

Feb 28 - The Tandem Club of America (TCA): TCA has moved its Web site to (2/28)

Mar 02 - The Chicago Area Tandem Society (CATS) Has A New Web Site!! Check it out: (3/2)


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