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"" is an international subscription based electronic mailing list for tandem bicycle enthusiasts. There are approximately 2000 subscribers presently on the list. The list hosts about 20 very active members, another 20 - 30 occasional contributors, and hundreds of passive, non-posting readers. Message volume ranges from 5-20 messages per day and there is a digest version available which is highly recommended. Topics include questions and answers related to tandem componentry, riding technique, brands, equipment selection, repairs, upgrades, prices, clubs, tandem anecdotes, rides, rallies and just about anything else related to tandems that comes to mind. This list was created by Wade Blomgren to supplement to the various rec.bicycles newsgroups with a tandem-specific forum. Tandem@Hobbes, because it is focused on tandems, results in faster, more detailed responses to tandem-specific questions, a slightly more private forum in which opinions can be expressed with reduced fear of repercussion, and (mainly) a place to carry on about tandems far beyond what might be considered "polite" in the general purpose newsgroups are some of the benefits of the mailing list.

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