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Lance Armstrong - Tandem Enthusiast? Check it out Here

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Mucho Importente: Search For Recall Notices

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Essential Information for First Time Tandem Buyers & Riders

What is it about tandems.....

What You Should Know Before Heading Out to Buy or Ride....

A Couple of Good Books....


Tandeming and Kids....

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Tandem Reference Data & Resources

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Dirk Bettge's SuDiBe Tandem Survey

Did you ever want to know, what kinds of tandem are used by other teams and what are their advantages and disadvantages? At the german-speaking tandem mailing list ( they did, too, and therefore they developed a questionnaire to be filled in by all interested tandem owners. Dirk has translated the questionnaire into english.

Unit Conversion Calculator, Granite Rock Company

If you get screwed up with metric vs US measures, this will help you.

Current Currency Exchange Rates, Yahoo Finance

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Enthusiast's Websites

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Articles by Noted Tandem Experts and Enthusiasts from Tandem@Hobbes (T@H)

Bill McCready

Many of these posts are located on Rich Shapiro's Gear-to-Go Website where you will be taken by the link.... (check for the blue background)

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Chris Timm's Tech-Tips Page(Nothing has been updated since 2002 - Strickly an archive)



Co-Motion Tandem Tips Page

  • Timing chain adjustments
  • Softride beam seat clamps
  • Rack mounting on Cappuccino, SkyCapp and Al Capp tandems
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Gear-to-go Tandems Tech Tips Page

Misc.Santana Tandem Tech Tips: by Rich Shapiro

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HubBub Custom Bicycles

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Sheldon Brown (aka.

Sheldon Brown's Cycling Articles - Links to:

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Miscellaneous Posts & Articles:

Many of these posts are located on the various author's Websites where you will be taken by the links....

Tandem Technique, Technology & Other Stuff:

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Tandem Equipment & Accessories:

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Tandem Mountain Biking Articles & Reviews

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Books & Manuals

State DOT Cycling Manuals

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Tandem Transportation

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Newsgroups of Interest to Tandemists


Tandem@Hobbes: Largest Tandem Specific Listserver on the Internet


Double_Forte: A Yahoo Groups Based Listserver for Tandem Mountain Biking Enthusiasts


BICYCLE NEWSGROUPS: Although not dedicated to tandems, sometimes quite informational.

Note Regarding Newsgroups: These groups are linked; however, it is unlikely that you're web browser's E-mail server will recognize them. To subscribe to these groups you just need to go to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) News Server and download the Newsgroup listing. You'll find literally thousands of newsgroups listed. Just scroll down until you find the server for 'rec.'

Open it by clicking on the "twistee" (triangle) next to the server's name. It will "blow-down" into a very large sub-listing of Newsgroups. You want to scroll down to the one entitled: >rec.bicycles (8) and can then blow that one down to see all eight of the rec.bicycle groups. Follow the instructions for your software to subscribe to and participate in these groups.

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