Tandem Decals*

Let them know, "We Ride Together!"

 Actual color is white. Overall dimensions are 2.38" x 4.0"

Can be applied to exterior surfaces or interior (non-tinted) window surfaces

 The image area is white & the finished dimensions are 2.38" x 4.0". The decals (*or to be technically correct, transfers) are produced out of thermal die-cut, white Avery vinyl stock. The vinyl and adhesives used should provide you with a transfer that will retain its original appearance for several years when applied properly. NOTE: While similar to the decals I have sold in the past, this variation was developed by ATOC, Inc. of Lynnwood, WA. You can do a side-by-side comparison of the original DATES image on which these decals are based along with the previous offering from BRAG/TheTandemLink.com and this new one by ATOC by clicking HERE.

Detailed instructions on how to apply these transfers are linked off of this page (See below)

$2.50/ea - Mininum Order of 2 Req'd

 Also now available in Solo Cyclist and Solo Bent Rider designs.

 2.38" x 2.75"
  3.5" x 2.45"



What the transfers look like installed....



Or, for those who are a little more creative...

Tips on how to combine decals into "multi-seat" bikes are at instruction #6 on Mark's Application Tips.

Click on Image to See Larger Picture of Dr. Mark Russell's handi-work.

Click Here To See Short 'How-To' Install Video


Click Here for Manufacturer's Application Instructions


Click Here for Mark's Application Tips


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