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Note that our Blog replaced the Bulletin Board in January 2010.

The Bulletin Board Archives

Archives: 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006- 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010

The Bulletin Board Archives contain the first nine-years of my periodic news updates and other miscellaneous ramblings posted to's home page. As noted above, in January 2010 I started a Blog that now serves as my primary outlet for tandem-related news and ramblings.

The easiest way to find something is to use our site's Google Search Engine, or to simply use the search string: followed by your search string, e.g., tandemgeek will yield about 2 pages of things on this website where I included my nom de plume

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The location, contact information and links to Web sites (if they have one) for every tandem cycling club in the World that we're aware of, to include all of the Clubs that make up Tandem Club UK and all of the Clubs in the United States of America. If you have a club and it's not listed, please let us know. Likewise please let us know if a club has ceased to exist so we can keep our registers up to date.


Locator maps and calendar listings of all the major tandem rallies and events throughout the world that we're aware of, including links to Web sites with additional information and registration forms.


What is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of links to tandem related information on the Internet. This is the heart of


A huge collection of links for the beginner looking to learn more about tandems and tandeming as well as a plethora of links to information on bicycle fitting, bicycle sciences, safety & advocacy, how-to Web sites and discussion forums where you can learn more or interact with other enthusiasts.


The basics for beginners who are just starting their search for a first tandem, links to many of the tandem dealers who cater to tandem shoppers, links to all tandem builders in the World, as well as Web sites where you can find classified ads for used tandems to meet your needs. This page also features links to our exclusive Used Tandem Tandem Price Estimating Tool


Links to Web sites of tour operators who cater to tandem enthusiasts, links to other very large tour operator indices, travel logs, information on S&S couplers -- perhaps the greatest innovation in bicycle travel technology to date --, and links to resources for transporting your tandems such as car racks, trailers and shipping cases.

Tandem Magazines

Links to a few of the publications currently in print that cater to the tandem enthusiast. There aren't many links here because tandems are such a small niche market; however, for the publications that are available we'd encourage you to consider subscribing to that these few survivors can continue to serve our needs.


Information and subscription information for what is the largest Web-based Mailing List dedicated to the discussion of tandems and tandeming. If you yearn to know what's happening in the Tandem world, have tandem-specific questions, or just want to get to know hundreds of other tandem enthusiasts who share your interests this is the list you'll want to subscribe to.

Double Forte

Information and subscription information to a discussion forum for an even smaller collection of tandem enthusiasts who ride off-road tandems. There are approximately 240 members of this list and the discussions cover the range of topics that you'd expect to hear at the trail head -- everything from hard-core technical talk to recommendations for a great micro-brew.

Captain Bike

Everything you could ever want to know about cycling....


Sheldon Brown, before his passing in 2008, WAS Captain Bike and his Web site contains information and links to information that will answer 95% of the questions you could conceive of regarding all things bicycle: and in several different languages (French, Russian & English).

 Hot Links To Cycling News & Information



Rally Dates Here
Note that I've moved all of the road tandem & off-road tandem rally & event information to our WordPress site. This will allows me to make updates 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Thanks for understanding!


 Recall Notices

 About This Web Site is basically a non-commercial, personal web site that we (that would be me) keep up and running for the benefit of tandem enthusiasts. It was developed as a free and easy to navigate resource for folks searching the Internet to learn more about tandems, tandem clubs, tours, events, and the like. It was developed as a direct result of my own efforts to learn more about tandems and tandemings back in the late 1990's, a time when finding good information was a challenge... which is still true today.

The site is essentially a collection of over 2,000 links to other Web sites that have been categorized on approximately 18 different web pages to allow visitors to "drill-down" for additional information and links. The only organic materials on the site are the bulletin board entries which I compose based on whatever comes across my computer and tweaks my interest, a used tandem pricing tool and a variety of articles that I have cobbled together over the years. At the time of its creation and to this day, we believe it to be the most comprehensive tandem-specific Web site on the Internet. I am presently rethinking the content of this site and may begin to add more organic content to provide one-stop-shopping, so to speak.

Perhaps most important of all, your visits to the site are just that; your visits. We do not collect data on our visitors, sell advertising nor collect fees from the Web sites we link to. Yes, there are now Google ads on most of the pages because, well, it helps to defray some of the costs to keep this site up and running; however, those are the only revenue generators... the rest of the links on our site don't generate any income. While perhaps this is short-sighted on my part, it does allow me to remain objective with regard to what I post to my site.

Although some articles of my own are linked off of this site, the vast majority of my writings can be found in the archives of Tandem@Hobbes under my own name and where I post under a nom de plume. A search of those repositories will yield thousands of detailed articles that address a variety of tandem related subjects.... enough to fill a few books.

Thanks for visiting.

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